Shirley Anderson

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Writers' Organizations
Canadian Authors Association - This organization offers links for any type of writer, Canadian or international. Whether you are an author, poet or playwright, you'll find a group for your genre here. The page also lists writers union groups.


Outsider Artist Kelly Moore Kelly Moore, the most famous outsider artist in the world, started painting in 1995 after a horrible auto accident and losing her right leg, left arm & having amnesia for 2 years...since then her art has been featured in museums & she has been appeared on the jay leno show.


Why Do Work a great, friendly forum for marketers, freelancers, anyone who works from home or is hoping to.  The membership is very welcoming, and will help you to get started in your business.  Fantastic forum where newbies can ask questions without feeling stupid.

Miscellaneous - Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites.