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Life After Dick & Jane

Posted by shirleyanderson on April 25, 2008 at 4:01 PM

A continuation of yesterday's post....

I did not at the time see the Dick and Jane primer as an amusement, on the contrary I took it very seriously and sometimes got so caught up in sounding out those wonderful words that I would start reading aloud without realizing it.  The teacher, Mrs. Preston, would interrupt me in a loud voice for everyone to hear, and tell me to read to myself.  That was embarrassing and I usually lost my place on the page.  Which line was I on, 'Look look look', or 'Run, Spot, Run'.  Darn it!


After mastering Dick and Jane, I had an inkling that there was even more.  Not books, I knew there were lots of those, but I had a feeling there was more in store for me where stories were concerned.  After all, I had figured out the complicated storyline and characters, I knew that the protagonists had a liking of Spot in common, never spoke more than three words at a time and never changed their clothes.  I was getting the hang of this reading stuff, was getting pretty involved in educating myself on character development, but what if I could make up a story too.  One that other people would read like I read my Golden Books.  The idea was very appealing to me.  I felt quite literary at the age of almost seven.


Throughout that summer between grade one and grade two, I continued to struggle to gain mastery over reading.  There seemed to be a short supply of the words, oh, look, see, run, and the like in the world outside Mrs. Preston's classroom.  I was forever asking anyone taller than me to tell me what a word 'said'.  The only thing I succeeded in doing was making people wish I?d go away, which I would do when told to, but the whole reading-writing-book thing would not go away for me.


I had to figure out what to do about it.

Fun with Dick & Jane, Review

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