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I Know What Nation Has The .af Domain - Ain't I Smart!

Posted by shirleyanderson on June 9, 2008 at 10:17 PM

I tuned in to Jeopardy tonight.  I like watching that show occasionally because when I get an answer right (or is that question?), I feel smart.  Not being a natural brainiac, I get lots wrong, but I also learn a few things.  Like tonight, for example.  The final question (or is it answer?) was about the nation that has the .af domain.  If I had been one of the contestants, a great big ?Huh?? would?ve been printed on my card.  I didn't realize that it existed, let alone know who it belonged to. The only guess I could come up with was Africa.  Turns out the nation that has the .af domain is Afghanistan.  I feel good that I learned something, bad about being so clueless.


Maybe I?m just too old for today?s Jeopardy.  I?m not up on the latest gadgets or lingo, and I don?t understand a lot of what is talked about online today.  If any of you do, can someone please explain to me what an iphone is?  If you can, and I can understand what you?ve told me, maybe I?ll want one.  If you can?t, then I?ll continue to check in on Jeopardy.  Maybe iphones will be one of the categories. 


For today though, I?m happy that I learned what nation has the .af domain.  Just knowing that I could provide the answer if someone were to ask, in casual conversation, if I know what country has the .af domain, makes me feel very clever indeed.  

I?m on my way to getting current with the internet.  Hopefully, things will wait until I catch up before changing again.


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Reply Shirley
10:08 PM on June 14, 2008 that I'm not the only one! <br> <br>Thx so much for that, Isolde.
Reply Isolde
2:44 PM on June 14, 2008 
I am thrilled you found out what that domain is and mentioned it on your blog, because - like you - I had no idea that it even existed! <br> <br>You shouldn't feel bad about being a bit behind on the lastest and greatest gadgets: I'm in my twenties and I had no idea what an RSS feed was when I put up my website. One of my friends asked if I had one and I was like, "oh, yea, sure, love feeding that RSS..." Then she explained it to me and I sheepishly said thanks. <br> <br>I just tell myself I have more important things on my mind than technical awareness!